Jim P. - 2000 Offshore Yacht 54’ Pilothouse

Job Location: Stuart, Florida

If you are considering alternatives to repair a leaking fuel tank, I highly recommend Triton Liners as a cost effective and fast alternative.
After being on the hard through the Florida hurricane season, we filled our 54 foot, 2000 Offshore cruiser with fuel. Within 2 hours, one of our 350 gallon aluminum tanks had lost over 10 gallons of diesel into the bilge.
After investigating a number of alternatives, we contracted with Triton LIners to open, clean, line and seal both of our main 350 gallon tanks. Once the tanks were open, the corrosion was obvious and significant. Triton brought their mobile fabrication shop to our boat and started work on the day agreed upon and finished their work exactly when they projected and within the expected budget.
After cutting a man way into the tanks, they removed the baffles, cleaned the tanks, welded new liners in place and replaced the baffles.Their attention to detail was excellent and the quality of work was outstanding. Once each tank was sealed, they pressure tested each tank to confirm all leaks were fixed.
During this process, they found an unexpected leak in the second tank that was due to some unseen corrosion on the top of the tank. They immediately re-opened the tank and repaired it.
I couldn’t be more satisfied with Darren Myers and his Triton LIner crew.

Yours truly,
Jim P. m/v Samba

Ben H. - 1997 Carver 445 Aft Cabin

Job Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the whole project that Darren and the crew did on our boat. The amount of care they took with protecting the boat while undertaking such a substantial effort down below was just amazing.
Darren communicated exactly what was to be done, and the project came out exactly as expected. Dockmates who were present during the whole project were also impressed by the quality of the work, repeatedly passing on to me praise for the crew’s care and professionalism on what could have been a very messy affair.
It’s a testament to the speed and quality of Triton Liner’s approach that the pending sale of our boat was able to stay on track.
Unfortunately, I suppose, It’s the nature of your work that I have to say “I hope I never have to have you do a job like this for me again,” but if I know others in a similar situation, I’ll gladly pass on a referral.

Ben H.

Steven V. - 1997 Carver 445 Aft Cabin

Job Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Darren & Barbara

The previous owners of our 1997 Carver 445 Aft Cabin discovered a leak in the port side 250 gallon diesel fuel tank prior to our closing on the boat. They contracted with Darren at Triton Linings to rebuild the tank prior to our purchase. During this repair I went to see how the repair was progressing. After seeing the craftsmanship and care Darren and the team took working on the port tank, and realizing that being the same age and probably in the same condition, I decided to have them perform the same rebuild on the starboard tank. They completely covered everything on the boat, swim platform, salon floor and engines/engine room to keep things clean. One of my wife’s concerns was whether there would be any lingering fuel odors on the boat. Needless to say, not only were there no odors after they were done, but, the only evidence they were even there were the engraved Triton Liners inspection/access panels on the tanks. They accomplished the rebuild in a matter of days without disturbing the engines, salon or structure of the boat. The crew were so friendly and nice. Darren even checked in with us to see how our cruise to our home port was! I highly recommend Triton Liners to rebuild your fuel tank, and our thanks go out to Darren and Barbara for making this difficult time so much easier.

Steven & Diane

Bill N. - 1990 Fleming 53’ MY

Job Location: Palm Beach Garden, Florida
Hi Darren . . . . . .

Thank you, and your entire Triton Liners crew, for your professional diesel tank rebuild services to my 1990 Fleming 53 Motoryacht, hull number 20. The former owner of this Fleming Yacht had recommended your firm early-on in my recent purchase negotiations, and I am very pleased that his positive recommendations were fully-met by your successful rebuild project – on time and well done, as promised. It is a indeed a pleasure to work with Triton Liners, and to experience their “old school” commitment to high quality and excellence, and business integrity.

Thanks again for your cooperation. Triton Liners excellent reputation has been well-confirmed by my recent rebuild experience.

Best regards,
Bill N.

Audrey E. - 42′ Krogen

Job Location: Naples, Florida
Triton Liners did a fantastic job cleaning and repairing our leaking fuel tank. They made time, after we discovered the corrosion in the port tank, to stay and clean the starboard tank. The finished product is so professionally done and looks amazing! The best part is that they stayed even when our AC went out. We are in Florida in 95-degree weather with insufferable humidity. They continued to work and finished the job. The cleanup was great and they left the boat clean! I enjoyed getting to know Darren and his crew! Thanks for the new tanks!

Audrey E.

Robert B. - 2015 42’ Sabre Yacht

Job Location: Hampton, VA
Dear Darren,

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation to you and your crew for the professional manner in which you repaired my fuel tank issues with your unique tank lining process, and the care you took with my boat in the process. No one wishes to have these problems, but you made the process as painless as possible. You responded promptly, did what you promised, when you promised, and within the timeframe promised. You can be assured that I am now your most ardent advocate.

Robert B.

Kevin H. - 1996 65’ Donzi Sportfish

Job Location: Cape Coral, Florida
I recently contracted with Triton Liners to rehabilitate two large diesel tanks in my engine room.   Darren and his crew are the top of any vendor I have ever had work on my boat.  They showed up on the date we planned and worked every day as scheduled (handling it as an 8AM to 5PM job, and in some cases including weekends).  They were extremely careful with my boat and left it in better condition then they found it.  In addition to this, the dock master at my marina complemented them regarding their work behavior while at the marina.  While the job took a bit longer than expected, I was informed of the timeline and the project came in under budget.  The difference in costs between replacing tanks vs rebuilding them is extreme.  I would highly recommend Darren, his crew, including office staff and process to anybody who is dealing with tanks that need replacement/rebuild.

Kevin H.

Paul S. - Ocean 53’ Super Sport 1996

Job Location: Brewer Pilot Point Marina – Westbrook, CT
Great job and I’m very happy I found you guys. Thank you for a top-notch job!

Paul S.

Ken R., CAPT USN - Grand Banks 42’ 1975

Job Location: Hartge Yacht Club – Galesville, MD
I spent months researching options for solving a leak in the fuel tank on my 43-year old Grand Banks trawler, with no one willing to undertake repairs in lieu of replacement. Luckily, I kept searching and found SP Marine. Darren quickly called me directly and engaged in a long and detailed conversation aimed at exploring all of my options before we settled on a repair commonly used in bigger ships. I was immediately impressed with the scope and depth of his knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of the various options. It gave me confidence that his repair plan could be carried out successfully. After excellent coordination of travel and estimated costs with the professional staff of SP Marine, I made the decision to conduct the work. From that point on, Darren and team made it effortless for me. They arrived on time, introduced themselves to my marina management and executed the repair plan as described; providing periodic photographic progress reports. In the end, I confidently refilled the tank and voyaged the very same day. Months later I am kicking myself for not choosing Darren’s plan earlier. If I have issues with my other tank, I won’t hesitate to contract SP Marine again to solve my problems quickly and effectively. Thanks for working with me to give me the right repair options!


Jack M. - Meridian Sedan 391 2008

Location: Annapolis, MD

I want to thank you for the work you did to repair the diesel fuel tank on m Meridian 391. I was pleased that you were willing to travel to Annapolis to complete the work.
I appreciated your professional approach and of course I was pleased that you did the job on schedule and under budget!
If you ever need a referral please feel free to contact me,

Jack M.

David and Valerie L. - Sea Note 43 Ocean Super Sport

Job Location: Cape Coral, Florida
Hi Darren, crew and staff;

It is refreshing these days to deal with a marine contractor who has the customers best interest at heart, shows up on time and completes the work as scheduled. Your crew and staff were approachable, friendly and helpful at all times. The quality of your repair work to our fuel tanks appears factory fresh as did the cleanup upon completion. It has been a few months now since the repairs were completed and I am pleased to report there have been no issues related to your work. This has given us tremendous peace of mind and we are thankful to you, your crew and staff.

Best regards,

David and Valerie L.

Tony and Hannah S - 2007 Luhrs 41’

Job Location: Winter Island Park, Salem MA
I would like to give Triton Liners a letter of recommendation.

When we had knowledge that our 130 gallon day tank, in our 41 Luhrs Hard Top, AFFINITY, had a leak, we had no idea where to turn. After a thorough web search and numerous calls to local mechanics, I became educated, to not only what could have caused the leak, but the potentially costly repair ahead of me. After additional calls, I finally connected with Triton Liners out of New Jersey. After a few conversations, I felt comfortable that they were the ones to do the repairs, especially because they could do it in place vs. cutting my boat apart for the repair/replacement of the tank. Mind you that this was a first for me in my 30 years of boating, so nevertheless, I was concerned and taking a risk. I will tell you, Darren, the owner, came up to Massachusetts, as scheduled, started in on the scope of work(in good all New England April weather) and at the end took less time than proposed, therefore costing less money. Their workmanship was of perfection, their job was clean, and to make the process for me, smooth as can be. Their personalities were of gentleman. I wish all my boating repair experiences were as this one was. I recommend Darren and his team, including his office staff ( who were as pleasant and organized as can be), to all who run across any diesel tank issues. Their knowledge is far beyond what I paid for.

Darren, please feel free to have any potential client call me with any questions.

Tony and Hannah S.

Gene S, Richmond VA - 1986 Vista 7 Star Spindrift 52’

Job Location: York River Yacht Haven, Gloucester Point, VA
The crew from Triton Liners was professional, prompt, courteous and knowledgeable.
From my original contact throughout the entire process the communication left no room for surprises.
They approached every aspect of the process with confidence and left the mechanical space in as good a shape as they found it when they started.
Our experience was beyond satisfactory.

Gene S.

Whit C. - 61’ Tollycraft

Job Location: Cape Coral, FL
In December last year I smelled the dreaded diesel smell in my boat. Upon further investigation, I discovered I had a leak in one of my two 600 gallon tanks. And to my horror, that there was no way to access the leak or remove the tanks without removing a good part of the galley.

In doing my research on what my options were, I found Darren, owner of Triton Liners and boy I’m glad I did. Darren and his excellent crew rebuilt my two tanks IN PLACE in just 2 weeks. If I had gone the tear out the galley route, it would have been several months, likely more expensive and my existing beautiful woodwork would no longer match the new galley cabinets.

I cannot say enough about how knowledgeable, professional and just plain nice Darren and his crew are. I highly recommend Triton Liners to anyone with a leaking fuel tank !

Whit C.

DENNIS S. - 43' Eastbay Flybridge

Job Location:  O’Connel’s Warren Mill Marina – Newport, RI
I thought my summer of boating was over when I discovered a leak in my 450-gallon tank. Of course, it was buried under my cockpit sole and impossible to remove without tearing the boat apart. I tried to get estimates from all major yards in Rhode Island, but only one yard would even consider it and it would be the end of the season before they could do anything!

Then I discovered Triton who specializes in on-site tank repair.

Everyone in my yacht club said it wasn’t possible! But they were on my boat in 2 weeks, cut open the back of the tank, cleaned it out and removed baffles, welded a 1/4″ liner inside, re-engineered the baffles and fuel line pickups, pressure tested, and had me running 6 days later, all without touching the cockpit structure. Saved my summer and left me with a much better tank! Great crew, everything spotlessly cleaned, couldn’t be happier! Thanks, Triton!!

Dennis S.

JIM C. - Krogen Express 53, Black Swan

Job Location:  Marina at Edison Ford, Alva, FL
When fuel started to seep from the starboard tank on our 53 Krogen Express, I kinda got that sinking feeling. Had big boats for over 20 years. Along the way, a number of boating friends have had fuel tank leaks and not many ended well. Doing my homework on fuel tank repairs I came across Triton Liners. At first, I was a bit skeptical– I’ve tried to avoid snake oil. But the more I learned, the better their repair sounded.

After numerous conversations with Darren, we set a date to repair the Black Swan. Hurricane Irma had other plans and we had to delay a few weeks, but Darren arrived with first-class equipment. I can’t tell you how many comments I have had on how professionally they conducted themselves, even after they had left. I might add this was after Irma, 95 degree humid days and these guys are welding inside a fuel tank.

Turns out the tank that wasn’t leaking was in worse condition than the one that was, so ended up doing both. One of my concerns was that the tanks would have a “repaired” look, and hurt the value of the BS. This is not the case. Darren trimmed out the inspection covers in the soundproofing. (He has pictures in his photos), and is proud enough of his work to put his company’s sticker on it.

By the way, it doesn’t leak!

Jim C.

RITA R. - 45’ CRUISERS 2005

Job Location: Washburn’s Boat Yard – Solomons, MD
Darren, your crew did an outstanding job on our 2005, 45 Cruisers. When you opened the port tank and found the corrosion you were able to accommodate opening the starboard tank as well without having to reschedule. We greatly appreciate the extra care you took in protecting our boat while working on it. I don’t recall anyone going to that extreme.

Rita R.

LES B., ESQ. - 455 Cruisers Yacht

Job Location: Panama City, FL
I discovered a leak in my 250 gallon aluminum fuel tank on my 44 foot motor yacht and searched for a company to repair or replace my tank that was professional, efficient and fair. Through a marine engineer, we located Triton Liners after a thorough search.

Before settling on Triton, we dealt with other companies and all of their proposals were both more time consuming, disruptive and expensive. Triton repaired my tank at my dock in a short amount of time and at less cost than the alternatives.

They were thoroughly professional. They arrived at my dock with all of the materials and tools necessary and were completely familiar with what needed to be done and how to do it.

They were thoroughly efficient. Rather than months on dry dock as with other alternatives, they finished the job in about a week. Actually, I had them repair my other 250 gallon tank and that was accomplished in another week.

They were completely fair. Their final bill was less than the estimate and they accounted accurately for all their time and materials. Actually, their cost was about 1/4th of the cheapest alternative.

In short, they did a very good job in a short amount of time at a fair price. I heartily recommend Triton Liners!

Les B.

JAY & SANDY T - 2007 Cruiser, 455 Motor Yacht

Job Location: Virginia Beach, VA
I was very pleased with Triton Liners. From the first time we spoke, I was given specific information regarding the services that would be needed to fix the leaking fuel tank on my 455 Motor Yacht. All details were clearly written out as well as to all the expenses that would occur to fix the problem on my boat.

Three men came to work on my boat and completed the job in a quick and efficient manner. They were pleasant to talk to, informative as to the job they were doing and made sure that the boat was kept clean with all their equipment around.

I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their services.

Jay and Sandy T

CHRIS Z. - 55' Sunseeker Predator 2005

Job Location:  Lakeside Yacht and Service, Lakeside, OH
Darren and his team at Triton Liners delivered exactly what they promised on time and on budget. They were very professional, with an obvious pride in their workmanship. I would highly recommend their services for anybody with fuel tank issues.

Chris Z.

BILL B. - 65’ Pacific Mariner

Job Location:  Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo FL
We’ve been at this boating game for over 45 years – from a 36 foot Chris Craft to an 84 foot Burger. We have had every conceivable maintenance or repair issue face us over that time.

Rarely do we find craftsmen who deliver what they promise. You are one of the rare exceptions. You arrived when you said you would, you protected our boat properly, you accomplished your tasks on time and within budget and you did it all with good humor and obvious expertise.

As a retired CEO of a 5000 employee high tech company with a fair knowledge of mechanical skills, I am a pretty harsh judge of the trades that service my vessel.

You guys are winners. Thanks for a job well done.

Bill B.

CAPT. BILL S. - 43' Endeavour

Job Location:  Farley State Marina, Atlantic City, NJ
Our rebuilt fuel tank is fantastic. No more fuel smell in the boat or oily bilge.

Your crew was professional right from the start and I was very impressed with their work ethic and skills over the 3 days of working on our tank. I feel like the repair is better than new since you not only fixed the problem but also made sure it wouldn’t happen again.

Thanks so much for the great job on our boat. Coming in under your estimate was icing on the cake.

I highly recommend your work to other customers.

CAPT Bill S.

JIM & FAYE J. - 40' BurnsCraft 1985

Job Location: Urbanna, VA
Thank you for the wonderful job you did fixing our diesel fuel tanks this week.

We have seen many contractors over the years working on boats as well as at our home, but you and your mechanics are by far the most professional, systematic, always working in unison team we have witnessed. You made sure to treat our boat like it was yours, taking caution not to get anything soiled and seeing to every detail. We are very impressed with the way you handled all expected and unexpected issues and the way you kept us informed along the way. We also appreciate your environmentally friendly approach.

Your charges were fair and we feel we truly got our money’s worth.

Thank you and your team again for your hard work, we give you a Five Star Rating!

Jim and Faye J.

DAVE H. - 46' Silverton 1999

Job Location:  Seaview Harbor Marina, Longport, NJ
Your company did a fantastic job and saved me a substantial amount of money.

Dave H.

JERRY - 36' Saberline

Job Location: Brick, NJI want to express my deepest appreciation for your service. As a fellow professional, academic physician, former medical school and dean and professor at Johns Hopkins I want to congratulate you on your professionalism. Your boat side manner was quietly competent and reassuring.

I wish some of our trainees and medical students had your gift. The trip was uneventful and everything worked fine. Please count me as one of your references. I look forward to seeing you at the boat show in Annapolis. Audrey and I thank you.


JIM B. - 40' Sabre SE 2011

Job Location:  Petzold’s Marine, Portland, CT
Triton was incredible. I had a port side tank leak on my 5-year-old 40 Sabre SE (which is a story unto itself). Triton drove to my boat yard and rebuilt port tank (I had them do starboard too) onsite and in the boat. Their work was flawless and I now have two tanks that are better than when factory/new. And each tank now has a USCG approved inspection/clean out plate I can use to clean tanks every couple of years. I just took the boat south to Charleston. Zero issues with tanks. I’m thrilled with Triton’s work.

Jim B.

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