Cruisers Yacht 455 Express Motor Yacht Project – Palm Beach Gardens FL

2005 Cruisers Yacht 455 Express Motor Yacht

Hemingways Boatyard, Palm Beach Gardens FL

Triton Liners rebuilt two (2) 250-gallon diesel fuel tanks in place. This rebuild project ran slightly differently than the last “Cruisers” project. Although the boat could’ve stayed in the water to complete the work (like the last one), the owners opted to haul the boat and have the work done on the hard while other maintenance work was performed. Doesn’t matter to the Triton team…in the water or on the hard, all the same quality work can be done by Triton Liners!

Triton Liners on site in Palm Beach Gardens FL

Boat is pulled from the water to complete the rebuild on land, at the owner’s request

We always keep our work areas as clean as possible with the minimal amount of disruption needed to complete the job

Tank #1 complete!

Tank #2 Complete!

Why Replace When You Can Rebuild?

A 10 minute call could save you months out of the water.


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