Riviera Belize Daybridge Project – Fort Lauderdale FL

2016 54’ Riviera Belize Daybridge

Docked at Owner’s Residence, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Project Duration:
3 weeks

Triton Liners rebuilt two (2) 317-gallon. (ea.) diesel fuel tanks from inside the engine room while the boat remained in the water behind the Owner’s home. In this case, the Triton Liners rebuild not only solved a problem caused by corrosive action, but also strengthened the integrity of the tank to a factor of six (6) times – effectively eliminating the possibility of future failures due to stress cracks in welds. The Triton rebuild process can resolve leaking fuel problems as well as help in preventing possible future tank failures.

Triton Liners on site at customer’s residence

Riviera Belize Daybridge docked in client’s backyard while tank rebuilds are underway


Tank #1 complete!

Tank #2 complete!

Why Replace When You Can Rebuild?

A 10 minute call could save you months out of the water.


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