Donzi Sportfish Project – Cape Coral FL

Triton Liners just completed another custom rebuild on a 1996 65’ Donzi Sportfish in Cape Coral, Florida at Tarpon Point Marina (aka ‘Paradise’)

She had a small leak in the 425 gallon port fuel tank due to internal corrosion.


After we opened up the tank, you can see by the pictures that it was only a matter of time before there was a major failure.  The owner, being absolutely meticulous with all aspects of maintenance on the vessel, acted quickly and called us in to help.

The team rebuilt the tank and restored the integrity of the fuel tank.  As a logical measure of prevention, the owner then tasked us with rebuilding the 545 gallon starboard tank, as he knew it was only a matter of time before that one would let go.  It’s good to know the seas have one more conscientious and responsible “captain” out there.  Safe Boating!

Special note – Keep in mind while looking at these photos that this vessel is 23 years old… amazingly maintained!!

Why Replace When You Can Rebuild?

A 10 minute call could save you months out of the water.


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