Sabre SE Project – Portland CT

2001 40′ Sabre SE

Petzold’s Marina – Portland CT

Our customer who is located in Portland Ct. had a failure in his port fuel tank. This failure was different than what we’ve been seeing lately because we’ve been seeing more failures due to internal corrosion. This tank failure was due to a crack in the aft end of the tank that was about 3” long. This is a view of the crack from the outside.

Once we got inside the tank we could see that there was minimal penetration on the welds. What this means is that when the tank was originally fabricated, the welded seams were not welded through the full thickness of the material. Full penetration is necessary for the integrity of the tank to keep the welds from cracking when the tank is under stress.

After discussing our findings with the customer he decided to have us rebuild the starboard tank as well to eliminate the risk of another failure. We did end up finding some corrosion in the starboard tank which you can see here.

Our proprietary process did not affect the capacity of the tank and gives our customer a 5-year worry-free guarantee.

Why Replace When You Can Rebuild?

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